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Our Services:

Newborn Care:

We see children from their first week of life as part of our commitment to caring for your entire family. Well child evaluations, immunization updates, and the care of children with chronic conditions and /or illness are part of each day at CRFP.

Pediatric care:

We enjoy meeting and caring for children as they are a joyous and important portion of our practice here at CRFP. In concert with a broad range of subspecialists we provide a comprehensive range of treatment to meet the healthcare needs of the children at CRFP. Immunizations, physical exams, sports physicals, illnesses and mental health issues may all be components of care provided in your family’s medical home.

Adolescent Care:

Children ages 11-21 years will continue to feel comfortable at CRFP. The social and academic pressures of life may impact their health and we are here to help with immunizations, physical exams, illness care, sports physicals, and mental health issues. Creating healthy lifestyle plans for adolescents can lead to long term health benefits that carry over into adulthood.

Adult care:

We have decades of experience in the prevention, diagnosis, and management of adult health issues. We focus on prevention, address asymptomatic risk factors, and push for healthy lifestyle choices…..but we also manage illness and chronic health conditions too.

Geriatric care:

As our patients age we continue to care for their physical and emotional needs. By coordinating and managing their care we can help our patients remain active, enjoying their senior years without giving up hobbies or activities, and in some cases helping find new ways to enjoy their lives.

Walk-In Same Day Appointments:

We offer same day appointments but encourage patients to schedule appointments with their medical provider as priority will be given to scheduled appointments.

Injury care:

Training, experience, and our facilities permit us to care for a wide range of injuries. Care for lacerations, contusions, fractures, sprains and strains are part of the complete package at CRFP. Our injury care also includes care for injured workers as we are a workers compensation care provider for the state of Colorado. For your convenience we also have on site digital x-ray facilities.

On Site X-ray Facilities:

CRFP is proud to provide in office digital x-ray should you require x-rays as a part of your care. Through local resources we also have access to ultrasound, mammogram, CAT scan, MRI, or nuclear studies.

Asthma /Allergy care:

Properly diagnosing and managing asthma and allergies at every age can reduce missed work or school days in addition to keeping you healthy and active. Our decades of experience and objective diagnostic instruments help make designing a management plan for your allergies and asthma much more successful. We also work in partnership with our subspecialty colleagues in pulmonary medicine and allergy when necessary to optimize your management plan.

Bone Density Testing
[DEXA scan]:

We have the latest technology in bone density testing equipment available right in our office. Women over age forty and men over age 50 years can be screened for hidden bone loss in a painless ten minute scan. These results can be compared over time to be certain that we are making progress in preventing bone loss fractures – a problem that affects fifty percent of women over their lifetime.

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction:

The Strong Heart Institute is on site here at CRFP. Strong Heart Institute is a group of progressive clinicians with a special interest in heart attack and stroke prevention. The keys to this prevention program are early risk stratification and individualized patient-centered preventive therapy.

Amazing things are happening in Cardiovascular risk reduction right here in your home town. READ MORE

Dermatology/ Dermatologic Surgery

Your skin is the largest and most visible organ of your body so dermatology is a significant part of what we do at CRFP. We will work to keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy. Acne, warts, fungal infections, psoriasis, cold sores and skin cancer are a few of the dermatology issues we regularly treat.


Women’s health issues include: contraception, cervical cancer screening, endometriosis, hormone therapy, testosterone therapy, sexually transmitted diseases, colposcopy, polycystic ovaries, pelvic pain, bleeding issues, mammography, breast cancer prevention, domestic violence , and osteoporosis. These issues and many other women’s issues may be comfortably addressed here at CRFP.

Osteopathic Manipulation

Doctor Kasunic has over thirty years of experience diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal problems. He is also skilled in the use of osteopathic manipulation when this modality can effect a faster return to health. Often patients remark they are feeling better even before leaving the treatment room after having osteopathic manipulative treatment [OMT]. This hand-on care helps to restore the self -regulatory structure and functional relationship disrupted by somatic dysfunction.

Sports Medicine

All of our providers have experience in the treatment of illness and injury to athletes – whether they are weekend warriors or elite level competitors. We work to coordinate a team of healthcare providers who may include coaches, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and orthopedic surgeons. Guidance with acute injuries, overuse injuries, concussion management, strength training, nutrition / supplement plans, and exercise prescriptions can all help to keep you "in the game."

Workers Compensation

We offer comprehensive Level II Accredited Workers Compensation Care. READ MORE

Special Procedures

Bio Te
Pulmonary function testing
Slit lamp examination
Fracture Management
Immunizations /travel immunizations
DEXA scanning
Whole body fat analysis
Carotid Intimal medial thickness testing [IMT]
Expanded Lipid testing
Nutrition and dietician services